The Advanced Level Consulting Office


Our sevices

We offer innovative global-standard business models aligned with our partners' evolving trends to enhance resource efficiency and enable focused core business development, ultimately driving the attainment of strategic objectives.

Organizational structure design

Organizational structure design services involve defining and organizing activities, functions, and relationships within an institutional framework. This enhances overall effectiveness, resource utilization, and strategic goal achievement.This includes specifying individual job roles, responsibilities, authorities, and communication levels in a simplified yet professional manner.

Job description design

Job description design seeks to strike a balance between organizational needs and employee expectations. It outlines job expectations, including objectives, responsibilities, duties, competencies, and interpersonal relationships. It also specifies the qualifications, such as education, experience, and skills, required for the job holder to perform the tasks effectively

Recruitment and recruitment services

Recruitment and recruitment services aim to ensure that the best candidates are selected to fill positions in the organization.This process entices competent candidates to fill vacant positions in the organization. It encompasses job postings, application reception and categorization, verifying that applicants' qualifications and experiences align with job requirements, conducting preliminary interviews, verifying references, and optionally, conducting a personality assessment for selection.

Developing dictionary of competencies

The purpose of crafting a competency dictionary is to set benchmarks for gauging the knowledge, skills, abilities, and behaviors that underpin continuous individual and organizational performance. These criteria are directly aligned with organizational and customer expectations and are indispensable for effective task execution.The primary objective in developing a competency dictionary is to enhance the organization's efficiency, effectiveness, and competitiveness. This process commences with the delineation of fundamental competencies, encompassing basic, leadership, behavioral, and professional skill sets.

The competency dictionary can help the organization do the following

• Assure that existing employees consistently exhibit the mandatory competencies.
• Enhance the efficiency of recruiting and selecting new personnel.
• Improve the effectiveness of performance evaluations.
• Streamline the identification of skills and competency gaps.
• Offer tailored training and professional development opportunities.
• Optimize the efficacy of change management processes.

HR Development Policies

The objective of human resources policies and procedures is to establish transparency in all facets of organizational-employee interactions, fostering alignment between employee expectations and those of the organization's management.These HR policies are founded upon relevant frameworks, including encompassing labor regulations, social insurance regulations, and recent directives governing the labor market

Development of Performance Measuring System

The performance measurement system seeks to establish a set of markers and measures for evaluating how well the organization performs across various areas, including productivity, quality, efficiency, and overall customer satisfaction.The primary objective of the performance measurement system is to enhance the organization's effectiveness. It incorporates key performance indicators aligned with the organization's objectives, subject to regular assessments, and updates in response to shifts in the organizational strategy and objectives. Data gathered through this system undergoes meticulous analysis to identify strengths and weaknesses in the organization's performance, facilitating the implementation of corrective actions. Additionally, the system generates periodic reports and analyses, enabling informed strategic decision-making and supporting a culture of continuous improvement across all facets of the business.

Enhancing Job Engagement

Enhancing engagement and collaboration is a method used to measure how effectively individuals or groups participate and integrate into relationships, boost cooperation, and attain shared objectives. This approach includes fostering dialogue, attentively considering feedback, and addressing concerns or requirements. The measurement of engagement and connectedness is applicable in diverse settings like community development, organizational management, marketing, and social media. It plays a crucial role in establishing trust and mutual understanding among stakeholders to achieve positive outcomes.This measurement can be conducted annually, semi-annually, or quarterly as needed.

Outsourcing service for human resources operations

Within our human resources operations outsourcing service, we thoroughly implement internal company policies in alignment with reputable work systems across all employee procedures and workflows. Our approach includes arranging the digital transformation of operations to meet the demands of a stage that requires precision and speed, ultimately elevating output quality and minimizing errors.

1. Establishing of electronic employee files and the setup of self-service accounts via the HRplus2 platform.
2. Comprehensive management and review of all processes related to the issuance of provisional monthly salaries.
3. Offering advisory support to management concerning work system violations, ensuring compliance with established protocols.
4. Development of a dashboard to consolidate crucial HR data and corresponding reports.
5. Precise calculation of end-of-service benefits.
6. Efficient management of government platforms.
7. Ongoing system updates to adapt to developing work system changes.
8. Training employees to use self-services.
9. Advisory and technical support during regular working hours.